Letter from San Francisco: Amazon, again. by Guy Tiphane   > read more...

Sunday 1 July 2012

We need to move on, see the wave coming, and ride it. (Warning: it may be like a tsunami.)

Le Grand Aïoli at Alexandraplatz   >

Tuesday 26 June 2012

The meal consists of Le Grand Aïoli, breads and cheeses from Kamouraska, and a perfect strawberry tart. The wine is pale, nuanced, and perfect. The company is lively. Fun!

-- with July postscript from the New York Times.

Carlos Fuentes: In The Best Company, by Ingrid Bejerman   > read more...

Friday 22 June 2012

Ingrid Bejerman, former director of the renowned Julio Cortázar Latin American Chair, writes about her relationship with the recently deceased Mexican writer and some of the stories his friends remember him by.

Photo: Dulce Ma. Zuniga  

Mind the Gap, part II, by Kenneth Radu   > read more...

Wednesday 6 June 2012

Not long ago I saw the extraordinary Marlene Dietrich in Shanghai Express, a Josef von Sternberg movie with wonderful black and white cinematography, much of which occurs on a train. In the film Dietrich utters the magnificent line, “it took more than one man to change my name to Shanghai Lily.” Presumably not all on the train, but one is allowed to imagine so.

Marylebone Station, London

Mind the Gap, part I, by Kenneth Radu   > read more...

Wednesday 6 June 2012

The old trains and their stations are marvels of intent and mystery. No wonder so many films make use of them.

King's Cross-St. Pancras, London


Letter from San Francisco: The Introvert Advantage, by Guy Tiphane   > read more...

Thursday 10 May 2012

Ah, a book for me, I thought.  Every time I have taken the Myers-Briggs test (or a variation of it), I have been on the 100% Introvert end of the scale from Introvert to Extrovert.


"I flung myself into pleasure like a suicide on to a pavement" -- Graham Greene   > read more...

Saturday 28 April 2012

This is the kind of man that young men of my generation and perhaps a younger generation must have wanted to be, especially young men who wanted to write.

Graham Greene, The Comedians (NY: Viking, 1965) is available from Abebooks.



So This is How it Happens: What it takes to get publishing offers falling into your lap   > read more...

Saturday 28 April 2012

by Linda Leith

This Wasn't the Day I Fell in Love with Montreal, by Laura Pellerine   > read more...

Thursday 19 April 2012

Who would do that in any other city? I thought happily. It seemed promising—but this wasn’t the day I fell in love with the city.

Rye Observations, by Kenneth Radu   >

Wednesday 18 April 2012

Why a town becomes a gathering place of the literati is a subject for literary histories. In Rye’s case, it may well have been the seductions of the past, which certainly seduced Henry James.

Conduit Street, Rye

Jack, Nathan, Brian, Tom – and the Media, Part II   > read more...

Monday 9 April 2012

An Insider’s View of the NDP Leadership Convention (continued)

By Louise Tremblay Matchett

What's wrong with this collection of photographs?   >

Tuesday 3 April 2012

Jack, Nathan, Brian, Tom – and the Media, Part I   > read more...

Monday 2 April 2012

An Insider's View of the 2012 NDP Leadership Convention

by Louise Tremblay Matchett

Gender bias discussion heats up on ABC Radio National   > read more...

Thursday 29 March 2012

The Sugar Sammy of Literature   >

Thursday 29 March 2012

Amused, this morning, to see my reference to the Sugar Sammy of Literature has made the headlines.

Samir Khullar (Sugar Sammy)

Bias against Women Writers? Heresy from a Fledging Publisher   > read more...

Tuesday 20 March 2012

Bias against Women Writers? Heresy from a Fledging Publisher

By Linda Leith

Nicholas Hoare to close two out of three stores   > read more...

Friday 16 March 2012

Very bad news -- and a sign of the times in writing and publishing. We here are going to miss you.

A “Grand Trunk of Thought”: D’Arcy McGee as Canadian Cultural Nationalist   > read more...

Monday 12 March 2012


Locomotive 162, Grand Truck Railway
(Courtesy National Gallery of Canada)


The effect of a judicious system,” Thomas D'Arcy McGee wrote, “would be, not to make them dear, but to make them here.”
– David A. Wilson, Thomas D’Arcy McGee, Volume 2: The Extreme Moderate.

The Embattled Life and Early Death of Thomas D’Arcy McGee   > read more...

Monday 12 March 2012

By Linda Leith

The legacy of 11 September, the rise of radical Islam, and the persistence of revolutionary elements in some of Canada’s ethnic groups is likely to call forth the McGee who took an uncompromising stand against militants within his own ethnoreligious community, who challenged self-righteous political and religions certainties, and who argued for a broad, tolerant, decent, open-minded, and compassionate society in which people did not push others off the path.

A Literary Friendship: Hazzard on Greene   >

Friday 9 March 2012

Her book has the effect of sending us back to the novels of Greene and of Hazzard herself, but that has more do with the quality of her writing than with any literary genre. It also has something to do with her love of her subject.


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